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In the unfortunate event of seasonal flooding, a plumbing failure, or ceiling leak in your home or business, SteamPro is here to help.  For over a decade, SteamPro has been the trusted provider of water removal and water remediation services in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and surrounding areas. Our water remediation service is available on a 24 x 7 basis to assist you in the handling of any water damage emergency. When your home or office is inundated with water, time is an important factor. Standing water and moisture must be removed to prevent further damage to floorboards, walls, and the building’s electrical and HVAC systems. Most importantly, any conditions that promote the growth of toxic mold need to be addressed as soon as possible. Certified SteamPro technicians are available, day or night to begin that process.

SteamPro is experienced in water remediation and handle these emergency’s in several steps. First, there is an inspection and an evaluation of your property. Our technicians determine the extent of the water damage and recommend the proper course of action, keeping the safety and comfort of you and your family in mind. Water is then removed using our professional grade pumping system so that we can begin the drying, repair, and mold remediation process. Several special purpose industrial fans will be placed throughout the interior for proper ventilation so the drying can begin. All water damaged building materials will be evaluated for repair or replacement. Lastly, an antimicrobial will be applied throughout your home or office to prohibit the growth of any dangerous mold. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in this procedure and they will continue to monitor the area for toxic mold after the remediation is complete.

When you call SteamPro for your water remediation needs, you get a team of licensed, bonded and insured technicians who are experts in their field. You can trust them to do what is necessary to get your home or business dry, repaired and restored.  In case of a water damage emergency at your home or business, please call 775-424-1417, day or night.

Military and senior discounts are available.

For more information or to receive a free quote for carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or water removal and remediation, please call 775-424-1417. Online quote requests are also available by filling out and submitting our quote request form at the link below.


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